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  At First State Auctions, we always use independent, qualified certification and valuation services.  



Are all certificates created equal?

In jewellery, the term ‘certificate’ is loosely used to cover any number of reports for a piece or stone. These can include statements of authenticity foillowing either a superficial inspection or extensive examination, as well as an assessment of an items value.

Naturally, the quality and accuracy of a report can greatly affect the price of a piece of jewellery, which is why it’s important that a certificate come from an independent source and that the source is recognised by the relevant jewellery or gemmological association.


Laboratory Certificates and Reports

  • GIA (Gemmological Institute of America)
  • GSL (Gem Studies Laboratory)

These 2 are probably the most respected laboratories in the jewellery industry. Their ‘tough’ grading ensures you are unlikely to have a piece overvalued – especially vital for diamonds. They ensure you are accurately getting what you pay for, and their reports also authenticate a piece.

  • Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratory Limited.

When it comes to Jade, this laboratory is recognised as the best in the world.

  • HRD  |  EGL  |  IGI  |  GAI

These laboratories are considered to grade more leniently than GIA or GSL. This should be considered when evaluating diamonds for price, quality and when comparing their grading against a GIA or GSL graded diamond. They will also authenticate the piece.  


Certificates of Authenticity

  • The Valuation Centre of Australia
  • Specialised Independent Services

These two represent independent and well-qualified association members. They expertly examine the pieces and give authentication certificates, each fully documenting observations.