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Diamond Rings

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Diamonds are a girls best friend

With First State Auctions you can access an unprecedented range of diamond rings sourced from government, commercial and private vendors located all over Australia. Our rings are available in many different price ranges and at prices you won’t easily be able to match anywhere else. As we also frequently come into possession of estate, antique and vintage rings, there’s a good chance you could snap up a one of a kind, truly unique diamond ring at a First State Auctions.

Getting a diamond ring through an auction is a risk-free way to pay less for something of a very high quality, and with First State Auctions you can be secure in the knowledge that you’re only dealing with ethically sourced, genuine diamond rings.


We are proud to be able to provide customers with diamond rings that have passed the strict international certification standards set out by the Gemological Institute Of America (GIA), so you know that any ring you bid on will come with accurate information, whether it’s a standard diamond ring or one with a fancy colour diamond such as pink or yellow.

The diamond certificate will detail the 4C’s of your diamond, as well as its proportions, polish, fluorescence and graining. This will come in handy when securing insurance, or should you wish to sell the ring in the future.

Trust First State Auction for all your diamond ring needs.

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