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Under instructions from the EMDEN Family, an exclusive “boutique collection” of high-quality gemstones and gold jewellery will be sold by way of public auction. THE EMDEN COLLECTION is Hans Emden’s exclusive private collection representing 35 years of passionate interest in coloured gemstones: their sources, identification and use in fine jewellery, as well as the use of gold for both adornment and investment. Rarely does the private collection of a trained specialist gemmologist become available to the public. Every item boasts a uniquely artisan crafted and fully curated investment for the astute buyer. It is now your opportunity to own a part of this magnificent collection.

Who was Hans Emden

(Hans Emden, February 12, 1934 – November 22, 2009) Hans’ early years, World War II and post-war years were spent in the German city of Wuppertal and were involved in the movement between safe out-of-town farms and intermittent schooling “in which the study of Schiller and math seemed to dominate”. His teen years were busy with training as an engineering patternmaker and choir practice, dance school and adventurous alpine cycling tours into Austria, Switzerland and Italy. It was the lure of adventure that led to his migration to Australia in 1956. Hans settled happily in Adelaide and was soon exploring outback Australia, singing in Australia’s oldest male choir (Adelaide Liedertafel 1858) and frequenting dance halls. Visiting a friend in hospital resulted in meeting with the young registered nurse on duty and a 41-year marriage - filled with more adventurous travel, a love of nature and photography, concerts and a hard-earned Diploma in Gemmology. In later years, a long-held dream of moving to Tasmania came true in 2005 after heart surgery. Hans and Carol loved the natural beauty, waterways and weather of Tassie! And they found a bush block with a running stream and reasonable proximity to Hobart in the Huon Valley where they had four very happy years up to Hans’ sudden passing in 2009.

A very special goldsmith

Many pieces within the collection have been handcrafted by Manfred Lorenz – a highly skilled German goldsmith who, luckily for Australia, made South Australia his home. Manfred is lauded by his peers and the recipient of jewellery design awards. His exquisite designs and striking gold work together with superior gemstones, ensure his creations are truly timeless treasures. As Manfred has now retired, his pieces are increasingly appreciated and sought after.


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Posted by Ari Taibel