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The Sherro Family Collection

First State Auctions is honoured to auction Important Jewels from the Sherro Family Collection. The amazing pieces are offered as a feature in this week's Exquisite Fine Jewellery, Designer Bag & Swiss Watch auction. Nadia Janette Marie Sherro – emanating from Egypt, was a flamboyant socialite and the daughter of an Egyptian financier. She married a distinguished Adjutant to the Commander & Chief of the Egyptian Navy and set the social scene alight. Going under the reputation of "The Sophia Loren of Alexandria", Nadia was often seen frequenting the best establishments of Egyptian high society.


Collectible watches: what to look for

Owning a vintage Rolex is a joy and potentially a smart investment, but how should you go about buying collectible watches?

In recent years the collectible watch market has been buoyant. Some timepieces with historic value have gone for breathtaking prices. The actor Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona went under the hammer for USD$15.5 million. His wife had reportedly bought it in the 1960s for about $250.


Why a liquidation auction can mean amazing prices

The slump in retail sales in Australia has a silver lining for shoppers. It’s an opportunity for smart buyers looking for unique and beautiful jewellery to pick up some amazing bargains. If your dream engagement ring or diamond earrings were out of your price range, a liquidation auction could be the answer.


A great time for selling gold jewellery

Are you sitting on a secret goldmine? With gold prices hitting all time highs, it’s a great time for selling gold jewellery that you no longer want.

Historically, the price of gold tends to rise during times of economic uncertainty and conflict. Current global concerns, including trade tensions between the US and China, have resulted in booming prices. Gold was around $1650 per ounce a year ago (September 2018), now it’s over over $2,200 Australian dollars an ounce!!!



Coloured diamonds: how to buy

Once considered the “white” stone alongside red rubies, blue sapphires and green emeralds, coloured diamonds are now highly sought after by collectors and jewellery fans. Some of the rarer colours are considered investment grade
stones and change hands for many millions of dollars.


Precious stones of Australia

Australia is a land rich in minerals and is the world’s largest producer of opals. Wonderful and unusual stones can often be found at auctions, and whether you’re looking for rare pink diamonds, precious jade or opals, it’s a smart way to get an amazing price. Here’s a guide to some true Australian sparklers.


How to make money by selling at auction

With all the current craze for decluttering and "konmari", people are digging through their cupboards and garages and throwing out items they no longer want. Making space is great, but making money by selling at auction is even smarter. You could have a treasure trove in there!